Linda Muthama Laika Charity Concert


Contacted by Kenyan celebrity singer Linda Muthama to create and create a selection of looks for her charity concert attended by press and celebrities.

“Every year I hold a live concert with an aim is to fund raise for the Laika foundation.  So this year, I went online in search of a stylist who would dress me for the concert.   Being a musician, I have been styled by many stylists and knew a few good ones, but I was looking for someone exceptional. I found and contacted Emma shoe and she was such a lovely person, with an excellent network of top international designers in Kenya. Not only did she talk about the outfits we could do but also had excellent ideas. I loved the fact that she was keen to understand the project. I found that this allowed her to get the look and feel of the concert. Emma had an excellent network of international top designers in Kenya and this allowed us to get a variety of outfits to choose from.

I would gladly recommend her to any woman who wants a true honest stylist who takes time to understand you as the person and your style.

I was sad when she told me she was leaving Kenya because I’d found an outstanding stylist in Emma.  I did wish that she would continue styling wherever she was because that was her gift.”

Linda Muthama

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