Wardrobe Styling / Personal Shopping / Weddings

Wardrobe Styling / Personal Shopping / Weddings

Wardrobe Styling / Personal Shopping / Weddings

My Philosophy


I’m passionate about giving women confidence through clothes. I understand the emotional connection we have with our clothes and how the right outfit equals confidence and happiness.

“Having a styling session with Emma isn’t just about filling your wardrobe with clothes, it is a much deeper process in which results in filling YOU with confidence.”


“The difference Emma has made to my working life is tangible; a joy in choosing an outfit that works, the confidence from knowing I look well put together and ready for anything the working day throws at me. The wardrobe makeover and shopping time with Emma has hugely boosted my professional appearance and self confidence.”

Director, multi-national energy company

“This styling does wonders for your confidence. I now feel like the me I lost a long time ago ….Emma, I genuinely think you have a real talent and flair for knowing exactly what suits people – I feel like you really tuned into precisely what was right for me as an individual.”

Jenny (My very first client)
Corporate Sales Director turned Sand Gazer (artist)

“Emma is a fantastic stylist, and a highly imaginative personal shopper. I learnt a great deal during the process about what suits me, and what doesn’t, and also about how to combine the clothes I already own to create completely different looks.  Emma is professional, knowledgeable and also made it all a whole load of fun! Would highly recommend. Thank you.”

Caroline Baugh
GP & Practice Partner

“I was very nervous about being judged about my clothes, my weight, my insecurities and I told Emma this prior to meeting (figured honesty was the best policy). She absolutely put me at ease. She explained how everyone feels this way, that she would never judge me, and her job was to make me feel and look fabulous, and to only enhance my look and hone in on my style and what suited me.”

Family Services Mediator

“I must tell you about the reactions from family, friends and work colleagues… everyone has commented on how much weight I have lost…hilarious!!..I haven’t lost a pound!  However, I have lost count of the times people have said ‘Wow, you look good!’  I feel absolutely fantastic and I can’t thank Emma enough for the whole experience!”

NHS Trust Director

About me

Hi, I’m Emma, a personal stylist passionate about giving women confidence through clothes and helping clients fall in love with their style.

Over twenty years spent as a shoe designer and ten years styling women has turned me into an expert shopper with an amazing eye for detail, colour and proportion. I’ve learnt the key underlying factor affecting women’s emotional relationship with our clothes is self-confidence.

It can be difficult to navigate the change in our wardrobe needs as we move through different life stages. Whether it’s the switch from corporate employee to self employed business owner, or the change from full on career to full-time motherhood. Other factors can confuse our wardrobe needs like changes in our body shape due to pregnancy, menopause or illness. Clothes that looked great in our twenties may no longer suit in our forties, especially with body shape and lifestyle changes.

My intuitive and empathetic approach creates a trusting environment, where you can share with me any specific issues you’re facing. I’ll help you unlock the reasons you lack confidence in your style or are overwhelmed by either what’s in or what’s missing from your wardrobe.

I’ll show you new ways to think about your wardrobe, discover your signature style and embrace style choices you hadn’t considered in the past. The goal is to help you change any bad shopping habits for good, so you invest in the clothes that are right for you, that give you the confidence to be you.

Styling Services

Wardrobe Styling

Is your wardrobe cluttered with items you hardly ever wear or are you in a style rut and would like my expertise to create your signature style? I’ll find all the solutions to your style dilemmas. You’ll discover exactly what suits you and end up with more closet space yet many more outfits.

Style Guide

I create your personalised Style Guide following a wardrobe styling session. It’s a digital reference including photographs of all your outfits, a summary of your colours and key items wish list, plus storage and shopping suggestions.

Personal Shopping

Have you lost the joy of shopping or would value advice to find new brands and shop for your signature style. Having me along as your expert shopper takes away any hassle and saves you precious time. I will do all the research beforehand to find the pieces you’ll love and create an enjoyable focused shopping session.

Bridal Styling

With my expert guidance the search for your dream wedding outfit promises to be a wonderful experience. I have a range of packages available based on your requirements, however should you require a more tailored package I would love to talk through this with you.

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